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    April 2024
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  • Audiovisuales Canarias sponsors first ARISS contact with ISS from the Canary Islands (ISS Contact).

    This is an initiative that, through the organization provided by a consortium of major international space agency (NASA, ESA, ROSCOSMOS etc.) Allows bringing together students of different ages with the crew of the International Space Station (ISS .) A group of researchers IDeTIC (University Institute for Technology Development and Innovation in Communication), University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has taken the initiative to organize this event in order to offer students of all ages from all over the archipelago Canary the ability to know the AA gave gave to life aboard the station to promote their interest in science and technology a. For the IDeTIC it has had to deploy a range of facilities, as verified by the agency to manage this type of event, ARISS, that help to accomplish this technically comunicación.ARISS IDeTIC has offered a series of possible dates (“windows” in which transmission is possible) between February 28 and March 6 2011, until a date closer to the event, and depending on the development of activities in the ISS, you can not be more specific about the date and hora.En Spain has not made any contact since 2007. The novelty of this initiative is its extension (never been open to the participation of students of an entire region or age as diverse as intended to achieve in this initiative, students of all islands between the ages of 10 and 25 years). Additionally, it is the first time be held in Spain a contact of this nature at eco universitario.El with recordings of past issues in places like the Science Museum in London and the Museum of Aviation in Washington gives an idea of the impact of such special events.To this event have been selected 20 questions from university students, elementary, middle and high schools in the Canary Islands, with the participation of each of the 7 islands. Addition of students who made the questions directly, we intend to make this contact with the ISS on a great showcase of science for students of the Canary Islands, for which you are managing the on-line broadcast of the event to another set of facilities as may be the auditorium of the ULPGC or others that might join.

    More information: www.isscontact.eu